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Child participation

Children can play an important role as citizens when they are engaged in ways appropriate for their age, maturity and context.

Their participation in family, faith communities, schools and society directly contributes to their well- being. World Vision is committed to empowering boys and girls as active participants in all the processes that contribute to their well-being through meaningful child participation at the local, national and international levels.

World Vision Youth Canada

Child Health

Every year more than 6.3 million children under the age of five die from largely preventable causes, such as malaria, diarrhea and malnutrition. This shocking reality has no place in today’s world.

Twenty years ago more than 12 million children died every year – the number has dropped, but not fast enough. Millions of children’s lives can still be saved by simple, tried and tested interventions. World leaders need to know their citizens care about this, and that keeping their commitments to improve maternal and child health all over the world.

Through our Child Health Now campaign, World Vision is working with leaders, governments, the UN and other partners to see an end to the preventable deaths of children around the world.

World Vision Youth Canada


Advocacy is an essential element of World Vision’s work, alongside long-term community development and emergency responses. It is about challenging and changing the policies, systems, structures, practices and attitudes that make it difficult for vulnerable children and their families to escape living in poverty. World Vision advocates at the local, national, regional and global levels, informed by our experience working with communities. From lobbying at global conferences such as the G8 to working with children, parents and leaders in communities where we operate, advocacy at World Vision is an integrated effort.

Our advocacy is informed and driven by the children and communities we serve. Child Health Now, World Vision’s five-year global advocacy campaign, is active in more than 40 countries and in 2012 continued to be a force for change, inspiring more than two million people around the world to take actions to show they care about ensuring children survive to the age of five. We believe that together, we can help end six million deaths of children under the age of five every year by moving the political will of world leaders.

World Vision Youth Canada

Child Focused projects we support:

World Vision Youth Canada

what is the 30 Hour Famine?

World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine has been connecting teens in developed countries to the issue of hunger in the developing world for years. Each year, hundreds of thousands of students around the world do the Famine: learning about hunger, raising funds to fight hunger and then going hungry themselves. These students grow closer to each other and become more passionate about the issues, all while helping to save the lives of hungry kids.

How do I make it work for my group? – We provide sample schedules and activities, but the format of your Famine is all you- it’s totally customizable for groups of all different styles and sizes. Hold a rally with other schools. Do a service project. Whatever you want, it’s all in the resources!

World Vision Youth Canada

Here are some ideas to help!

• Appoint a few capable as your fundraising, game and activity coordinators and help them organize specific parts of the Famine.
• Give others the power to speak into your decisions and give input
• Grab students who have done the Famine, others who have been around for a while but never did it and then also grab a new kid who doesn’t even know what the Famine is.

World Vision Youth Canada

Positions members can help fill:

• Fundraising
• Community service projects
• Break-the-fast celebration
• Activities or games
• Juice overlord

Give your members ways to lead, but help them along the way.

World Vision Youth Canada

Create Your Own Event or Campaign!

As individuals or as groups create your own grassroots event or campaign that moves you and in turn compels others to action. Pretty much any idea will fly – car washes, bike-athons, silent auctions, concerts, you name it we will provide the support and tools to help you make it a success.

Click Here to Start Your Own Campaign Today!

World Vision Youth Canada

Make a Donation

End the sale of children NOW by donating directly to:

“Help Protect a Child Miner” – Learn more Here
“The Bangladesh Child Safety Net Program” – Learn more Here
Your support is making a difference today! Help us stop children from working in dangerous, dirty mines. With your support, we will help to address the impacts of artisanal mining on children and their families. Artisanal mining involves digging by hand for minerals and often children are exposed to radioactive and other harmful materials. Almost 40% of people doing this job are children.

World Vision will work with communities to get children working in the mines into school, give families other options for work and find ways to make artisanal mining a safer practice.

World Vision Youth Canada

30HR Famine

30 Hour Famine has a brand new online fundraising donation site. You can start your own page to raise funds, find someone who already has a page, donate to them or choose from a list of amazing Canadians to donate through. It is quick, easy and secure to do.

Your donation will mean so much to children around the world. Click the link to get started.

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