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the how

1. Visit Yourmovement.ca/8weekbucketlist
2. Download and print off the ‘8 Week Bucket List Package’
3. Click the ‘Sign Up’ button
4. Now you are on the group fundraising page – Click “Join this Group”
5. Let’s talk $$$ – Create your “Change for Change” jar & get sponsors.
6. FINALLY! Start your bucket list! Start hash tagging, sharing, liking – you know, all the social media stuff! To ensure you are eligible for the prize, make sure you take photos, upload them to instagram, twitter and facebook and hashtag them #8weekbucketlist.

World Vision Youth Canada

A movement:

Girl Rising is a grassroots global action campaign for girls’ education, powered by girls, women, boys and men around the world who stand for equality.

Millions have seen the film and are spreading its message across campuses and communities of all kinds – raising both awareness and funds.

Girl Rising partners with established nonprofit organizations that drive donations to programs that help girls get in school and stay in school.

Click here to join the movement.

World Vision Youth Canada

The future:

Girl Rising works to identify ways that world leaders can support and protect girls.

For every girl to reach her full potential, new policies must be enacted and enforced.

The first step to becoming an advocate is to educate yourself about the issues. Seeing the film is a good start, and there are lots of other small and large ways you can make a difference.

Click here to learn more about girls’ education.

World Vision Youth Canada

Facts about girls and education:

• It is far more likely that she will marry later, have fewer children, and avoid contracting HIV/AIDS.
• She is less likely to be a victim of domestic violence and more likely to engage in civic leadership.
• She will earn more money. An extra year of primary school boosts girls’ eventual wages by 10 to 20%. An extra year of secondary school: 15 to 25%.
• Best of all, an educated mother is more likely to educate both sons and daughters equally, passing prosperity and opportunity to the next generation, and so on. In other words, investing in girls creates a ripple effect that can transform families, communities and entire countries.

When the number of its girls attending school increases by 10%, a country’s GDP increases by 3%. The estimated economic loss in countries that do not educate girls to the same level as boys is $92 billion per year.

World Vision Youth Canada

Cora, 15 – Kelowna, BC

My name is Cora Withers, I love being able to help people in any way I can. Just knowing that they get a little piece of joy from what I do makes it all worthwhile. I have always enjoyed working with others to help create something positive. I find as you get older it becomes easy to turn a blind eye to the problems happening all around; however that’s not how I live. I only hope that by knowing there is an issue out there people will get up and help. Then maybe we can all create our own ripple effect.

World Vision Youth Canada

Cameron, 17 – Toronto, ON

Cameron is a seventeen year old teenager who is currently studying in his last year of high school. As a passionate individual who disapproves of child poverty, Cameron has led his school’s World Vision club to educate other youth about the effects of poverty and malnutrition since grade nine. He supports the idea of community engagement through means of media and activities, such as the 30 Hour Famine. As a consistent reader of the newspaper, Cameron stresses the importance of being aware of international and domestic issues.  At school, Cameron is the student director of one of two student councils. He organizes and participates in numerous school functions and programs, including scholarship and student wellness programs. In the future, he plans to study either management or environmental science in Canada. He enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee, dragon boat, and skiing. In his spare time, he collects minted coins and plays piano.

World Vision Youth Canada

Reilly, 15 – Calgary, AB

Calgary born and raised and proud to represent! I’m a lover of sports- anything from volleyball to rugby but enjoy any downtime I can get. Spare time I spend jamming on guitar and reading anything I can get my hands on! Loving every part of high school but can’t wait to be involved more in things that matter. Planning on giving back to the world this year in any way I can! I just have to say; bring it on hunger, you’re going down!

World Vision Youth Canada

Alex, 18 – Waterloo, ON

I am from London, Ontario, and have been passionate about social justice since I can remember. I grew up being motivated by the World Vision commercials featuring children in developing countries, which ignited a spark in me. Ever since, I have been involved in social justice clubs and have ran five 30 Hour Famine events. In 2012 I traveled to Kenya where I experienced poverty for the first time. For three weeks I was surrounded by the beauty of Kenya and the love of the people who although had nothing in terms of possessions, had the most spirit I have ever seen. I also recently traveled to the Dominican Republic with World Vision and Live Different. There, my life was forever changed. It was an incredible experience where I made new friends and also met my current sponsor child who showed me the importance of the work that I do. Outside of humanitarian work I also work as a lifeguard at the University of Waterloo and am also a member of the Waterloo Warrior Cheerleading team. Athletics is a large part of my life and is something that I will never give up despite the injuries…it’s all part of the fun! I love and appreciate life more than anything, life’s a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it. I also love Titanic, if anyone got that reference.

World Vision Youth Canada

Karley, 20 – Turo, NS

I’m a volunteer, animal lover, student striving for change locally and globally, as well as an advocate for universal education and for the empowerment of women. I believe success is measured by the number of people you help. Family means the world to me, I love to laugh and bring happiness to others. I’m currently majoring in Political Science and History with dreams of becoming a Canadian ambassador. I love meeting people with similar aspirations.